Scale in Life and Business in a Way that Works for Moms!

When I was invited to be a Marco Polo Ambassador, I had no idea it would transform my business and motherhood in such a significant way. 

Let’s face it, no one understands the demands of Mompreneurship like other Mompreneurs. The last 3 months of coaching utilizing this app with women across the country helped me breakthrough revenue ceilings and mindset blocks I’ve had in place for years. 

Now I want to bring this to you. Together for the next 3 months you are invited to an invitation only Beta Marco-Polo Group Coaching where an intimate group of CEO Mommas are going to put their minds and hearts together and transform their businesses and lives. 

Let’s get to know one another…

I answer to Mom, Babe, and CEO! In the last two years I’ve scaled  my revenue in consulting and coaching to 6 figures. Big win, but it came with a lot of lessons, many of them surrounding motherhood, household harmony, and how to own my sales and marketing. 

I’ve made a commitment to myself to bring as many mom-owned business owners with me. It’s possible for us to do both without burning out. 

Here’s how this Marco Polo Group Coaching will deliver all of the transformational elements of a coaching programing without the limitations of an outdated meeting model: 

  • You meet when it’s convenient for you. No more calendar invites!
  • Personalized Coaching and consulting. No waiting for your turn to speak on a call. 
  • Expert marketing insight from me! (I’m giving you all the ways I scale multi-million dollar companies and how to apply it to yours.)
  • Leverage the expertise of your peers. From operations to product based businesses, the wisdom is invaluable. 
  • Emotional and mental support. No one gets you the way we will and we won’t let you fail. 
  • You get as much “air-time” as you’d like. Have a question, ask it in the moment! 

I am a Marketer and a Mother.

I am passionate about this work because I know how important supporting women in their motherhood is. I’ve reached almost 2,500 downloads with the message of my podcast where I  encourage women to care for themselves holistically and find supportive communities that empower their work life balance. 

If you've felt stuck, un-motivated, or overwhelmed - let's talk about it.

I strongly believe the Mompreneur life can produce freedom. Freedom in your finances, time, and relationships! 

” Oh my gosh what change have I not noticed in my business?  Working with Leslee, I am confident in my mission. I have clarity in exactly what I need to be doing now. I have the tools to evaluate progress. So much confidence and sense of ownership in my business.” 

– Tina Schoenfeldt, Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer, and Cook Book Author 

It’s time to get unstuck and grow in your confidence. Coaching kicks off September 1st!