Scale in Life and Business in a Way that Works for Moms!

When I was invited to be a Marco Polo Ambassador, I had no idea it would transform my business and motherhood in such a significant way. 

Let’s face it, no one understands the demands of Mompreneurship like other Mompreneurs. The last 3 months of coaching business owners through this app created breakthroughs like:

  • Record revenue months
  • Established sales and marketing processes that work
  • Mompreneurs bringing home more money
  • Irresistible offers clients can’t help saying yes to
  • Confident social media content you’re night hiding behind

Now I want to bring this to you. Starting January 22nd,  you are invited to join an intimate group of Mompreneurs committed to building a revenue generating business with a clear roadmap on how to get from overwhelmed and stuck to confident and clear on your next move! 

"I increased my revenue by 12.4%!"

“In our second month my revenue increased by 12.4% and in our 3rd month is projected to increase as well. I’ve been able to handle 6 workshops with the support, encouragement, and creativity of the others in the group. I feel more confident in my sales process. I am able to confidently state my mission and not be intimidated when marketing.”

Lysette Steed 
Alpha Mama Wellness

"This group is a must for Moms!"

“I am more confident in my sales process, more scrupulous with my time, and unapologetic in my proposals. I know the value of the work I do and the results I deliver are proof of that. I am grateful for a group of women who have championed me, challenged me and encouraged me! This group is a must!”

Amanda Para
Amanda Para Events

What does the Marco Polo Group Coaching include?

Let’s get to know one another…

I answer to Mom, Babe, and CEO! In the last two years I’ve scaled  my revenue in consulting and coaching to 6 figures. Big win, but it came with a lot of lessons, many of them surrounding motherhood, household harmony, and how to own my sales and marketing. 

I’ve made a commitment to myself to bring as many mom-owned business owners with me. It’s possible for us to do both without burning out. 

Here’s how this Marco Polo Group Coaching will deliver all of the transformational elements of a coaching programing without the limitations of an outdated meeting model: 

  • You meet when it’s convenient for you. No more calendar invites!
  • Personalized Coaching and consulting. No waiting for your turn to speak on a call. 
  • Expert marketing insight from me! (I’m giving you all the ways I scale multi-million dollar companies and how to apply it to yours.)
  • Leverage the expertise of your peers. From operations to product based businesses, the wisdom is invaluable. 
  • Emotional and mental support. No one gets you the way we will and we won’t let you fail. 
  • You get as much “air-time” as you’d like. Have a question, ask it in the moment! 

I am a Marketer and a Mother.

I am passionate about this work because I know how important supporting women in their motherhood is. I’ve reached almost 3,500 downloads with the message of my podcast where I  encourage women to care for themselves holistically and find supportive communities that empower their work life balance.