The Confident Mompreneur Roadmap is Back!

Group Coaching with Marketing Expert and Business Coach, Leslee Owen

Approximately one-third of all women-owned businesses in the U.S. are owned by moms. Mompreneurs face unique challenges that require a special roadmap to achieve financial and time freedom!

Common Challenges

  • Limited Time for Marketing
  • Bootstrap Operations
  • Reduced Networking Opportunities
  • Gender and Parenthood Bias
  • Content Creation Time Sucks
Leslee Owen started her marketing consulting business in 2016 as a mompreneur with four small children, growing it from a side hustle into a multi-6 figure marketing agency. Now, she shares her roadmap through the Confident Mompreneur Roadmap Program.

"Everything has changed!"

“Everything has changed! Joining the group coaching has helped me find clarity on my niche, new clients, new leads, a new focused vocabulary to use for everything. I feel like I will continue to add more of the info I learned to my business as I get into the flow of more clients. After taking the course I know I have many more things to accomplish and many more things to put into place.”

Yvette Hartridge 
Brand Photographer

Yvette Hartridge

What does The Confident Mompreneur Roadmap Include?

  • 12 Weeks of Marco Polo Group Coaching ($1,500)

  • Monthly Expert Masterclasses on Business Operations, Finances, and Core Values ($1,780) 

  • The Confident Mompreneur Roadmap 12-Week Course (over 15 trainings!) with Workbook and Weekly Discussion ($1,250) 

  • In-Person Kick-Off & Networking Event  

  • In-Person Group Coaching Graduation Celebration Event
And if you sign up before September 1st you get these bonus incentives! 

Total Value = $5,605 - but you get it for...

And for the Mompreneur who wants extra guidance and personalized solutions...

You can sign up for 1:1 coaching (solo polo style) with Leslee (a $1,500 value)  for just an additional $500 for the total program.  That’s about $166/month!

Individualized coaching is for you if you are seeking:

  • Tailored Guidance: Unlike group coaching, 1:1 sessions allow for customized advice and strategies that cater specifically to your unique business needs and personal challenges.
  • Focused Problem-Solving: You can address specific issues in real-time, receive instant feedback, and pivot strategies quickly based on expert insights.
  • Intensive Support: With solo coaching, you get more in-depth sessions that can accelerate your learning curve and business growth.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy undivided attention from Leslee, ensuring that your specific goals and hurdles are prioritized.
Karie Huber

"I Increased Revenue by 33%!"

“I have had 4 new clients since the end of the program and increased revenue by 33% in 1Q24 compared to 4Q23. I have also hired a VA to outsource the tasks that are not in my zone of genius (like social media and will soon use for promotional email marketing for a rebrand campaign).”


Karie Huber
KL Bookkeeping Services, LLC


Let’s get to know one another…

I answer to Mom, Babe, and CEO! In the last two years I’ve scaled  my revenue as a web design agency owner and coach to multi-6 figures! Big win, but it came with a lot of lessons, many of them surrounding motherhood, household harmony, and how to own my sales and marketing. 

I’ve made a commitment to myself to bring as many mom-owned business owners with me. It’s possible for us to do both without burning out. 

Here’s how this Marco Polo Group Coaching will deliver all of the transformational elements of a coaching programing without the limitations of an outdated meeting model: 

  • You meet when it’s convenient for you. No more calendar invites!
  • Personalized Coaching and consulting. No waiting for your turn to speak on a call. 
  • Expert marketing insight from me! (I’m giving you all the ways I scale multi-million dollar companies and how to apply it to yours.)
  • Leverage the expertise of your peers. From operations to finances, the wisdom is invaluable. 
  • Emotional and mental support. No one gets you the way we will and we won’t let you fail. 
  • You get as much “air-time” as you’d like. Have a question, ask it in the moment!