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My name is Leslee Owen and I am a Marketing Consultant to businesses in health and wellness. I know marketing can leave practices feeling stumped as to what strategies should be in place and who will execute them. It can be overwhelming and easier to leave things as they are. I want to help Acorn reach their goals by executing what’s been on their marketing to-do list!

Female Millennial and Gen Z moms expect technology integration and a library of content to review before choosing their pediatrician. They were born into a generation of digital natives, and businesses without these features simply get looked over.

Get to know me a little more and review the results of a recent client case study who we helped launch online scheduling and a new patient automation process through their existing EMR. 

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Let’s get to know one another…

I help businesses specifically connect to Millennial and Gen Z women in a human, heartfelt, and helpful way. I offer personalized and unique data-driven marketing strategies to small and mid-sized companies who need an agency solution with an in-house feel. 

With nearly two decades of experience working and serving women within spiritual, professional, health, and wellness industries, I have an innate pulse on the longings of a woman’s heart.

Client Case Study: Dr. Maegan Stanga

Dr. Maegan Stanga’s marketing platforms and new patient process needed a major overhaul. Office staff were spending over 20 minutes on the phone per new patient inquiry answering questions the website did not answer and new leads rarely came through their social media platforms. 

Her website and social media platforms were outdated, lacked online patient scheduling, and was not a resource of information to her patients. We not only launched a completely rebranded website, but an online scheduler, and new patient automation directly inputting into their existing EMR. 

Brand Development & Website Redesign



Content Development & Digital Marketing

We took over all management and content creation for Dr. Stanga’s platforms. She and her staff were no longer tasked to figure out what to post. Our content strategy grew her following by 975 across her social media platforms and saw an increased reach (people who had not heard of her before) by 42k new accounts. 


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I am a Marketer and a Mother.

I am passionate about this work because I know how important supporting women in their motherhood is. I’ve reached over 600 women with the message of my podcast where I  encourage women to care for themselves holistically and find supportive communities that empower their work life balance.