Video is the one thing you have not been able to conquer and you know it's your next step...

I’m Leslee Owen and my absolute passion is helping women in business understand their unique value and communicate that to their ideal clients through video. 

I’m a video marketer with over 10 years of producing experience and a certified coach. Together, I posses the strategy women need in marketing their business to meet their goals AND coach them into being a master communicator of their own stories on camera. 

I offer personalized video marketing and full production services, group classes, and DIY tips to producing your own videos that wow clients. 

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Here to find out even more about me?

When I’m not coaching, blogging or speaking, I can be found loving on my incredibly handsome husband of 8 years, giggling on the floor with my three precious children, and creating intentional conversations with family and friends. There is just nothing like a good “girl chat” leaving you feeling heard, helped, and hope-full.

I also spend Sundays ministering with my husband to hundreds of little hearts. We lead the children’s ministry at our church and produce a program for families called GETV Kids.

I confess to waking up before the entire world does and spending quiet mornings in devotion, reading and working out. I also stay up way too late binge watching episodes of “Parenthood” on Netflix!


If you’re still interested in getting to know me, here are some random facts about Leslee:

  1. In high school I was determined to move to New York and make it “big” as an actress on broadway.
  2. I produced a lifestyle talk show for three years, can you say fun!
  3. My 4 year old daughter challenges me to dance offs almost daily and somehow wins every. single. time.
  4. I adore reading. It has changed my life.
  5. My husband was my very first boyfriend and we have been together a total of 13 years. He loves me so well and is THE BEST father to our children.
  6. There is nothing prayer cannot help me persevere through.