In case you missed my FB Live session all about vision boards, here is a bite sized version to get you started…It never hurts to know the “why” behind what you do. Fears are crushed in the face of “why,” excuses disappear in the presence of “why,” and your focus increases by 10x when you know your “why!”

Watch this quick video and then do a little self-exploration. You will be happy you did. Be honest with yourself and know that honesty brings clarity.

I absolutely love sharing videos like this with you and I LOVE that video gives me the ability to do this. You can encourage your client’s in the same way. Sure, you write them an email to spread the love or record yourself and let them hear and see it all over your beautiful self.

Hmm… I sense a challenge coming on. I challenge YOU to share your “why” on video and I am sure you will see your fans engaging with you in a greater way.