She quietly confessed to me, “Leslee, I’m just so worried what people are going to think of me when this video comes out. What if they see this as a self-absorbed thing and that I’m making this all about me?”

There was genuine concern in the eyes of my client, although she laughed it off to cover the fear of “being too much.” I can’t tell you how many women shrink back from sharing their message because the thought of appearing conceited is overwhelming.

Hey, I have felt the same way too. I mean, what gave me the right to start recording and releasing videos every week? Who made me the expert? Maybe I should stick to being behind the scenes… We will ALL go through self-doubt when we are facing something new and challenging so in today’s blog post, I am giving you three ways to push past your fear and record that video!

Have you feared what others would think about you when you begin recording and posting videos? What did you think they would say and have you overcome that fear?

Looking forward to the conversation in the comments!