Your website right now could be losing you a great deal of money! The truth is, business owners invest thousands of dollars in web design and are not capturing their ideal client’s attention. Nothing worse than a website that’s snooze worthy!

Look at it this way, you want your website to be a converting machine. You want browsers to turn into buyers, but if they are still clueless as to what you do and how you do it by the time they get to the bottom of your home page, then you are leaving money on the table.

Did you know people, on average, spend 30% of their day daydreaming? The only time day dreaming is drastically reduced is during entertainment such as a movie or concert. So… with fleeting attention spans, it is crucial to create websites that captivate. How?

(*ahem*) Video girlfriend!

Right now, the pictures on your website are only worth a thousand words, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! 60% of site visitors will watch a video before any text is read. In fact 56% of consumers expect video to be on a website and your website is 50 times more likely to appear at the top of search engine results with video. Video, video, video! It makes your website simply irresistible!

Now, not any type of video will do. It needs to look professional, instantly identify with your client or customers needs, and tell them how your product or service is the solution. It also should have a quality call to action at the end that entices your visitor to stay longer, leave an email, or purchase from you.

My top 3 video recommendations for any website are: 
1. Website Intro Video: Identify with your clients needs and pain points, offer a solution, and give them a strong call to action.
2. About Me: The about me page, is the second most visited page on your website right after the homepage. You can pretty much guarantee visitors are going there next to find out more about you and your service. The about me video shouldn’t be a trip down memory lane with an extensive timeline of your life. Keep it relevant to the customer and draw them in with story, typically what inspired you to begin your business.
3. Testimonial Video:
There is nothing more persuasive than a third party review of your service. People expect for you to go on and on about how great you are, but very seriously weight in the opinions of others about you. Gather up your top referrals and ask them to get on camera to talk about how you helped solve their problems.

So, right now take a look at your website. Is is lacking pizzaz? Are people even stopping to look? Give them something irresistible and turn your website into a converting machine.

Not sure where to begin or how to create the right videos for your business? This is where I come in. Not only have I been producing media for the past 10 years for television and online content… I am passionate about equipping women with this powerful tool to share their message to as many people as possible.

Feel like we are a perfect fit? Contact me for your free website analysis where I will show you exactly where videos can begin turing a profit for you.