There is just something about that record button that sends shivers down our spine. “What do I say?” “How do I look?” “Am I coming off as a know it all?

These thoughts run through your head and in turn convey over the camera. Ultimately, it’s been keeping you from sharing your message or your product on video.

Remember this, nerves are natural… in fact it’s a great indicator to you that you are doing something very new and are GROWING! So, embrace it and then follow these following steps to get your camera confident:

  1. Know your why!

Before ever hitting the record button you must have a deep understanding of why you want to get in front of the camera in the first place. This why is much deeper than making more money or becoming famous… its what is deep inside of you, usually why you decided to start your business in the first place. So, what is it for you? Were you trying to solve a problem? Maybe you saw a gap, a missing link and knew just how to fill it. For me, it is fulfilling a calling and living out the legacy my late grandfather instilled in me. When you know why you desire to do what you do, it will DRIVE you to do what you want to do! Fear will step aside when your why runs deep.

2. Write down your fears… and if you’re really brave, share them.

Yes, every nagging fear you have about being in front of the lens I want you to write down.
– Stuttering ove rmy words
– Poor video quality
– Nothing to talk about
– People calling me a fake
– Coming off as an amateur
Now share these fears with someone you trust. I promise you, when you say them out loud they begin to lose it’s power. Also, ask yourself this powerful question, “Even if all of these fears prove true, is my message still worth sharing?” This is where your why must show up and help you past these fears. Remember this great saying by one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Nikki Elledge Brown, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be shared.” Add this mantra into your thought life and kick out those self-sabotaging ones.

3. Bring your personality to the stage

Once you do the internal work, and who knew there would be so much work on the inside, you can showcase more on the outside in a confident way. Many of my clients want to appear very “put together,” “stoic,” and “professional.” They completely strip their uniqueness and take on the status quo only to look and sound like EVERYONE else. Stop! Do you love Star Wars? Add that to your video. Are you a shoe addict, throw in some of that love in your videos! Like to crack jokes or do some impressions, please please let us see that. We are born with such incredible personalities, we learn to be boring.

4. Record and record again…

We can do all of this work, but it means nothing without taking action. Hit that record button and share your message and then hit it again and again. The more you get in front of the camera the more you will become comfortable. A great way to do this is to set a schedule. I host a weekly Facebook live show on Wednesdays at 9pm CT to keep myself accountable to getting in front of the camera. From my first broadcast almost 6 months ago to my session last week, its been an incredible way for me to sharpen this tool. Setting a schedule can do this for you too!

So, what keeps you from getting in front of the camera? Let’s speak them out loud and ask ourselves, “even still, is our message still worth sharing?” I say yes!